Based on painting as an expanded field, Malene Bach has devised a bold palette of colours and aesthetic design of the elements that comprise all buildings: doors, floors, stairs and walls. Her design consists of several elements, all of which connect to the main feature of a double-layered wall of sliding colour panels: the colour scheme of the staircases, the floors in the canteen, graphic designs on glass walls, signage, the curation of UCL’s existing art collection, and the landmark outside the main entrance. The five colour palettes of the wall panels outside the five blocks of the south wing constitute a wayfinding system repeated in the colour scheme of the signage and staircases.

The implementation and coordination of the project was done in collaboration with UCL and Cubo Arkitekter, who designed the extension and renovation.

The art project was designed in collaboration with Gudrun Krabbe, Christiane Thomsen, Rikke Winther who assisted Malene Bach.

Photography Laura Stamer, Malene Bach

Colour composition, translucent foil, signage design, curation of existing art exhibition and spatial rearrangements. 
Completion 2016

View full presentation by Anna Krogh