Malene Bach visual artist studio

Malene Bach is a visual artist, born in Denmark in1967. She lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark

Malene Bach’s work explores perception and the conditional in art – often through site-specific, colouristic and architectural interventions. With colour as the primary vehicle, she experiments across mediums and scales, moving fluidly between art and architecture. In her in-situ works she explores and evolves in a dialogical and dynamic process, baring the potentiality of the specific sites. Working artistically and colouristically - in and with architecture, her interventions can thus be seen as a direct and subtle response to material, spatial and architectonic qualities and local techniques. 

The experimental and often also dynamic investigations of how spatial relations can be affected by colour are also a guiding principle in her studio works.  Although the studio objects and artefacts produced by Malene Bach may at first appear as pure formalistic investigations of compositional elements such as colour, line, shape, texture and other perceptual aspects, they always transcend form in one way or the other - revealing a contingent and playful relation with both viewers and surroundings. 

Malene Bach’s studio works are represented in private and public collections. Malene Bach is a recipient of several grants and awards.