Malene Bach visual artist studio

Malene Bach studio works with integrated art at the intersection of painting, architecture and design and has an extensive back catalogue of highly acclaimed national and international projects. 
The solutions developed during specific projects unite and integrate knowledge, expertise and insight from a range of fields in an overriding artistic approach.
A team of professionals contribute to the projects.

Studio team
Architects: Gudrun Krabbe
Designers: Benjamin Rask
Art historian: Rikke Stenbro
Graphic design: Jeanne Betak
Signage and wayfinding: Christiane Thomsen
Former: Anna Bruun Kristensen, Marianne Noer, Desislava Mintcheva, Philip Antons, Sara Riahi, Magda Kasprzak, Fie Bjørch-Haderup, Morten Sylvest, Jacob A. Petersen, Hildegunn Grønningsæter, Leonora Larsen