The Colour Award 2012 is given to visual artist Malene Bach and Nova5 arkitekter for Nørrebro Park Skole.

The award is given to an exceptional project-collaboration, in which artistic solutions in exemplary ways, underpins and accentuate the architecture. The artistic work with colours and ornaments are thought as an integrated part of the architecture from the beginning until the end, thereby creating a stimulating framework around situations of play and learning.
The jury of the Colour Award 2012 announces that “they have decided to give the award of the year to the renovation of Nørrebro Park Skole by NOVA5 arkitekter as and visual artist Malene Bach. Together architects and artist have succeeded in making three entirely different buildings form a whole, in a way that can serve as a model. An educational environment has been created, which on a daily basis can inspire its users and at the same time provide the possibility for being at ease and keeping focus. Several instruments have been put into use, carefully adjusted to one another, without being exaggerated. The project thereby appears as an outstanding and wholehearted piece of work”.

Photo Tine Juel

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