Graphite and pigments on wood. A series of compositions examining the link between interlayered surfaces in a relation to the classical understanding of the concept of the Eikon as a functional object. Focusing on the immediate boundaries of the given piece of wood, the works aim to preserve and display their inherent form and condition, in a what you see is what you get kind of gesture that allows for shifting levels of abstraction and imagination. If the works have nothing more to say, they can be used as firewood. 

Painting on wood 

The objects are made with materials that are not industrially produced nor produced for the purpose of becoming pieces of art: wooden planks directly from the sawmill in the forest next to my studio, graphite, pigments and organic binders: materials used in execution of early ikons.  

A tree has its own 1: 1 scale: its lifespan and extent can be read in the shapes of its annual rings. The specific time frame of the tree indicates a scale ratio of 1: 1.

I paint on wood and use its scale as a given constant, from which the abstraction and imagination can increase and decrease.

When the objects have no more to express, they can be burnt in the stove. 

Photography Erling Lykke Jeppesen