In the exhibition Case Design brings together a diverse group of builders, designers, farmers, artists, craftspeople and engineers who share a belief that collaboration and empathy lie at the core of all good work.  
The exhibition is built around objects, drawings, models, mock-ups, samples, photographs and stories accumulated throughout the process of building the Avasara Academy in India.

The exhibition demonstrates how architecture can work site-specific and interdisciplinary in bringing functional requirements and arts and craftsmanship solutions. It is in itself a kind of research by design, which through an iterative and interdisciplinary process explores and expands the boundaries of when architecture ends and art begins. The exhibition shows how to work with art and architecture across professional boundaries and national boundaries.
For the exhibition, artist Malene Bach has created a site-specific colour installation that establishes a connection between the exhibited and the room itself. It shows how color artistic interventions in the field of architecture can push the boundaries of architecture and space. 

Photography Ariel Huber