Mental pause and presence of the body are central aspects of Malene Bach's art installations at the Danish Center for Particle Therapy (DCPT) at Aarhus University Hospital.  

The light installations in the large central corridor in particular, invite the people passing by to examine what is happening, indulge in the experience and for a moment forget the reason for their stay at the DCPT. Encountering the light objects, which expression changes with perspective, the observer is encouraged to direct the attention to the light and pattern effects of the works. If you engage with them, you inevitably forget both the purpose of your visit and the activity of your body, which participates in the experience. There you are, simply present in the now.  

The ornamentation consists of four artistic devices, which together form a long coordinated colour sequence.  

  • Light objects / light switches 
  • Colour scheme for the doors 
  • Colour installations in 3 hallways (mazes), leading to the radiation treatment rooms. 
  • Patient cabinets 

Collaboration with Galerie Møller Witt

Photography Kirstine Mengel 

Credits: Gudrun Krabbe, Benjamin Rask, Christina Erica Papariello Nielsen 

Inaugurated 2019