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Avasara Academy

Pune India

Pigments and paint on ceilings

Spacial pigmentation installation, developed in collaboration with the Mumbai based architects Casedesign. As a venture into natural, local and traditional colour pigments, the concrete ceilings of Avasara Academy is decoratively treated to investigate the relationship between the surrounding geography, the cultural origins of the students and the regional historical use of color.
Site specific architectural spacial pigmentation

Farveprojekt, udviklet i samarbejde med Casedesign, hvor bygningens betonlofter er bemalet med traditionelle indiske organiske pigmenter, der før i tiden anvendtes i landsbyer i hele Indien.
Det farvede materiale forbinder arkitekturen, det omgivende bjergskrånende landskab og de studerendes geografiske ophav, med stedet og landets traditionelle stærke farvetradition.

2016-20 Collaboration: Casedesign.in. Owner: Avasara Academy. Photos: Ariel Huber, Paul Michelon, Malene Bach, Dhwani Mehta