Artist Malene Bach works with painting in an expanded field. Her abstract, conceptual artwork is characterized by a highly geometric approach and ranges from the purely digital to in-situ work, including...  »Read more

Suburb Satellite

Color Structured Site 2013

Color Structured Site, by Malene Bach. Acrylic paint on glass
suburbSATELLITE_bagsvaerd 2013
Curated by InstantHERLEVinstitute Anja Franke and Ida F. Ferdinand. Site specific exhibition in a private garden in the suburbs of Copenhagen.
Artists: Svend Danielsen, Camilla Nørgaard, Lise Nørholm, Leif Kath, Malene Bach, Aurelie Salavert, Marianne Levinsen, Jon Erik Nyholm, Ida F. Ferdinand, Anja Franke