Snostrup Church

Renovation and reinterpretation of a romanesque church

In respect for the historical building and with consideration towards current users, the old church was reinterpreted by bringing together past elements and present aspects. As one of the core components, a large-scale version of a classic renaissance tile was specifically designed and composed in various patterns. Furthermore, the work consists of the development of a new colour palette and rearrangement of the historical interior, along with a geometric glass mosaic in the tower window. By merging various materials and their tactility, it is the intention that the space is able to instil contemplation and presence in a contemporary context. 

In collaboration with Leif Hansen Arkitekter

Colour scheme, handmade tiles, glass mosaic, bog oak base for the baptismal font, chandeliers and rearrangement of historical interior

Photographer: Jens Lindhe

Snostrup Kirke, Frederikssund, Denmark
4.495 tiles cover the total floor surface of 160 m2 
The tiles have been developed in collaboration with Neue Ziegel-Manufaktur Glindow
Owner: Snostrup Kirkes Menighedsråd
Completion: 2017