Nørre vium

Landsbyen i Skolen / The village in the school

Transformation of Nørre Vium School. Collaboration with Erik Brandt Dam architects

With the participation of Videbæk local community, Erik Brandt Dam architects and Cornelius+Vöge have renovated an abandoned school to create a civic center. Nr. Vium School was built in 1966 and closed down in 2008. In 2010 the citizens bought the empty buildings in order to develop a village in the school as a framework for everyday and leisure life in the parish. 

The colour scheme emphasizes the design of the rooms, inspires creativity and movement and counselor for use and orientation in the building. 

Development of the colour project has been done in close cooperation with the developer, users and stakeholders. The colour palette refers to colours used in this type of buildings in the 60’s. 

Photography Laura Stamer, Malene Bach

The village in the school, Videbæk, Denmark
Renovation and transfomation of public building.
Architects: Erik Brandt Dam architects and Cornelius+Vöge
Colour scheme: Visual Artist Malene Bach
Completion : 2017

Awarded Renoverprisen 2017  by Realdania
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